According to Google in its Official Blog of Webmaster, Finding has announced dwells mobile-friendly search results, the Web that is optimized to us for movable devices can see affected their positions in their index, this already is a reality, so better to come up than to cure truth.

Navigation by movable devices, smartphones, tablets… every time this generating but traffic to the websites, therefore, and although now puts serious Google and it warns us that if we possibly do not have version optimized for mobiles we see affected our positions in its listing, we would have to put hands to us to the work and to optimize this aspect, no longer because Google “warns to us�, but so that if a user accedes to your Web and navigation he is “infumable� it is than probable more that you lose that possible client and is going to saturate to your competition.

If you want to enter in the design Web responsive, you do not lose these Tools and groups responsive.

You do not leave more and ponte it hands to the work!

Plugins for WordPress uses one of these that will make your Web Mobile Friendly in opening and closing of eyes:


WPtouch Mobile Plugin

One of plugins more used to adapt your WordPress to movable devices, simple and fast.
In 3 minutes you will have your Web optimized for mobiles.

Doubt Mobile Website Builder

Plugin brilliant in its version of payment, if you prefer version FREE plugin will show banners and publicity to you.
It works in all the movable devices and it adapts the design of your wordpress, Integra Call to action, Google Analytics and AdSense without a doubt a great option to secure your movable version.

You are two good fast options and visual to create your movable version, if the Theme of your blog or Web is not “Mobile Friendly� uses them ALREADY.
Not you hope more and adapts your Web to devices movable as rapidly as possible, not is that Don Google penalizes to you, in addition we recommended you reading of our post “Design Web, usability and SEO� so that you know by where the tendencies go, surely helps you much to include the world online.

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