Hallelujah! You have already been able to write your fabulous text to prevail in Internet, but you publish and… nothing, passes nothing, and you ask yourself But is my article brilliant and differentiator? NO? Why it doesn't position well in the index of Google? I have done something badly? … Your article is surely not optimized for SEO.

This happens more and than you can be imagined, to prevail with your articles is difficult and tedious, but to consider certain you rule and positioning strategies Web at the time of creating your publications will help you to that Google wants to you just a little bit more, you will not get to be loving, but it will do ojitos to you.

Ten in account these points to optimize your article:

  • Election of your platform (WordPress, Blogger…)
  • Direct you to your objective public.
  • The density of keywords.
  • To meet the guides quality of Google.
  • It thinks the title of your article well.
  • The USA listed as a summary.
  • It chooses the best images and personalizes them.
  • It uses calls to the action.
  • Optimization of metadata.

Election of platform to publish your article

To know what advantages have the different platforms from article publication in important, that community you must behind to solve possible doubts, what functionality you can add, what optimization allows you, as Integra with social networks, that servant answer has, he is stable? The speed of load convinces to you…

I recommend WordPress, is a brilliant platform to publish post, you can be created a gratuitous blog in WordPress.com and begin to publish, or if you prefer, you can buy a Hosting and I dominate and forming it to size, you will be able to connect it later with wordpress and to accede to his statistics by means of plugin Jetpack. In addition the community that there is behind is enormous, and nor to say has counts with thousands of plugins of all type who will help you to form your blog so that it is breaker.

EYE: If your Web goes slower than the horse of the bad one, although you have the best one of articles, will not have the visibility that is deserved.

Either WordPress or another platform ten in account all this, will help you.

Direct you to your objective public

This point is important, to detect where it is your public, if, that who retuitea you, share to you or he does +1 to you, is one of the terea most determining, equal it interests to you to only publish an article for your fanpage of Facebook or for a numerous community of Google+… never it knows until you investigate and you locate those niches.

To write for certain “target� will help you to offer ideas or established within those sectors that will help to the understanding of yours and to the conversion or request of information, to this the GURUS call identification to him of Leads (identification of potential clients) You can use gratuitous tools as Google Trends or Google Adwords to detect tendencies and use of terms nails that later you will be able to use in your wonderful post.

EUREKA! If You locate an ample niche of users and DAS which wants YEAAAAAAHHHH to them you will even be able to viralizar fabulous you and impressive article.
So search, and if you find opportunities you do not let them pass! raise to you that contained you are going to offer and to by them.

Density of key words

You are not of paleolithic the previous one and you put yourself as a crazy person to repeat key words in your texts, NO, NO, NO, NO, that not please, are not to me captain caveman.

You must try to make a first paragraph that contains at least once the keyword that interests to you and in addition to surround it by other key words that Google is hoped to find, if you speak of sale of cars, possibly you will have to name wheels, power, body, gasoline or diesel engine, consumption, benefits, year of manufacture, if he is sport or saloon car… and your key term are “sale of cars�.

Another technique is to use synonymous around your keyword, will be users who will look for by words calve and others to you by others, Each we are of our father and our mother! So at the most we can include, better No?

With two terms it nails each 250 words is sufficient, and of natural way, you do not write for machines, we are people.


To meet the guides quality of Google

Then that, I recommend its reading to you, here I leave the link you of the wonders that Google demands to us, and follows them exactly or Google will put the horns to you and it will go away with [email protected]


It thinks the title of your article well

The title is SUPER important, is the one that will cause that the curiosity invades the user and does not have more remedy than to puncture to see what there is behind.

To begin by “As doing…� , “Advice for…�, “the 10 tools… “, “ Why…� he is interesting, but certainly something impressive is happened that causes that the users to whom you go, your target, do not have more remedy than to ask itself: this interests to me, truth?

So to think headress, you can look for articles of you yourself thematic one and to see the titles that have put to them, can give ideas you.

Important: Your title cannot exceed the 70 characters. To the grain! And by all means it uses the term nails that it interests and assigns to him to the label <H1> to you (and you do not repeat it more), tries that it is differentiator so that the CTR of your article in Google increases all the possible one.

The USA listed as a summary

Ten in account that many users only read the titles of your sections or the listings that you show looking for what it can interest to them, so is a call for “catching� your readers, offers POWER to them so that later they enlist, if in addition you can support it with insolent computer graphics OLEEEEEE, you will leave them satisfied, the endorfinas will arise and they will follow to you.


It chooses the best images and personalizes them

It looks for insolent images for your publications and personalizes them, gives your touch him and it tries to include the title of your article at least in the main one, (you test and looks how your connection in social networks shares) if your connection appears supported by your customized image with your superb title in her, you will not lose those users who only pay attention to the images (that are many) and in addition you will give a touch him of confidence to the user (it looks this as is had it currao) what it will make him think that you are an interest source.

In addition to this, you will have to optimize the image, it optimizes its weight (not more of 50-60kb max.) and adds to the labels <title=� description� > and <alt=� description of the image� > Google will look for it.

The computer graphics prevail, you can even make a post basing you on superb computer graphics in which DES titular and key outlined that the user will be thankful. Gratuitous tools for the creation of computer graphics exist, vizualize.me is one, but there are many more, investigates.


It uses calls to the action

Or with some plugin as Calls to action (For WordPress) or with customized images that help the user to arrive where you want that they arrive, for example, which they register themselves or they subscribe to your Blog, although do not tire with 10 calls to the action, at the most prioritize and use one or two, that does not call to you heavy. Hey your blog is fun, but you are muyyyy heavy! you know that I speak truth?

calls to the action

Optimization of metadata

You have obtained It! You already have your impressive title, your optimized text, your brilliant images, your calls to the action, EVERYTHING! So there is to publish, but still it is a little step more… How it will find the user and Google you between so many references? Optimizing your metadata.

As it told you previously, you must use 70 characters for your title and 160 for the description of <META ETIQUETAS> If you use WordPress you can use plugins as “SEO by YOAST “or “ALL IN ONE SEO� for this aim, also applies the optimization of texts to the description, sees the grain… and LUCK!

These are some advice who in my opinion will help you to have articles optimized for SEO, now is called on to you to break the brain to you and to begin to plan your shining article.
If you think that you can contribute something of value to this post, it comments or it participates, and as no, if you like joint party and subscribes to you. THOUSAND THANKS!

How to optimize articles for SEO
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