Lately the figure of the Community Manager is a little discredited, this is because it has been left into the hands of “Scholarship holders? and people without the sufficient and necessary formation. Despite if we contracted the services of a Community professional Manager this is going to us to report great benefits as much to short as in the long term, and is that we do not have to forget that Internet is the future present and of the businesses, therefore cannot lose the opportunity to use it as weapon as much in:

  • Publicity
  • Marketing

community manager

This is going to us to offer as company many benefits between which we can emphasize:

  1. Saving of costs. The business online, requires a smaller investment bases.
  2. Contact with the most direct and constant client. This type of more direct and immediate communication, makes possible the approach to clients, since he allows to know the needs us that they have and to use this information to satisfy them.
  3. The hiring of a Community professional Manager, is going to allow to us to have a strong brand. A correct presence in Internet allows us to reach million of users.
  4. We can control better the impact than we have in publicity and the return (ROI). We do not forget that a Community Manager, is specialized in the analysis of all this data type.
  5. Immediate answer. We can develop campaigns in very just a short time.
  6. Segmented Target. A good Community manager is going to go directly to your target, and also it is going to create community.
  7. The objective of the Community manager is not only the sale, but the LOYALTY to your brand.

Hasn't All this convinced to you? We still more give reasons you for which YOU NEED a Community Manager in your group

  • The Community Manager perfectly knows target which must segment, and as well its secondary public. That is to say, IT MEETS YOUR CLIENTS AND USERS. It looks for the profiles that have major interest by your activity, product, and company, and as well, looks for compatible content his tastes, likings, and the type of social behavior that usually have.
  • It is going to not only dedicate itself to your faithful public, but it is going TO CATCH NEW CLIENTS. Since it is going search interesting content for all of them.
  • One is going away to order TO HUMANIZE YOUR BRAND, an important facet is going to be the one to interact with the users, being managed conversations, debates etc that can arise between users. On the other hand, also it is going to have the important work to respond to doubts and requests.
  • It is going to be in touch with INFLUENCERS of that sector, and will try to catch them.
  • IT WILL ATTRACT CLIENTS, which is translated in SALES and TRAFFIC.
  • The Community Manager will be in charge to create NOTORIETY name brand, and REPUTATION ONLINE. This is tried yet search that the consumers prefer this product type, instead of those of the competition.

And we cannot be forgotten a last very important point and:

  • A good Community Manager which tries to create is COMMUNITY, since the social networks are the most human part of a company. And the Community manager is going to be the one in charge to create that bond.

And your? Still you continue doubting if to contract a Community professional Manager? You do not doubt in Asking for information.

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