Any Community manager that boasts, must follow a series of you rule that they will cause that their work is effective, and that really is able to arrive at target group to which goes.

community manager

Despite… What you rule they are these?

You rule basic we can summarize them in:

  • Opinion of the receiver: The opinions always must be respected, thus is advisable to leave everybody is expressed freely. The negative critics do not even have to be erased. In the case of being “trolls? not to enter the rag of the provocation.
  • That the commentaries always have answer: As far as possible to try to always respond to the commentaries (it is certain well that actually, this depends in certain degree of the volume of accounts that we handle, and the level of feedback).
  • Sincerity: To adorn of an excessive form the virtues of the product, does not benefit to us. Client sooner or later gives account of quality real of product, and if she does not agree with the awaited one because she is below its expectations, is going to cabrear itself much.
  • To retract of a information that you have given previously, is ugly: despite if the information that we have given is erroneous (and we have put without giving it us account that was it), the best thing is to apologize for the committed error.
  • You do not copy: In this point we want to emphasize, is not the same to speak of very similar subjects that to copy information blatantly. If the text of that we extract information we really considered it extremely good, the best thing is to put in quotation marks it, and to put the author reference (this way also we provided a greater credibility to our words).
  • Responsibility of the images: If the images that we used in our entrances are not of “free creative commons? the ideal would be to connect with the author, or to make reference to him.
  • To contact with “influencers?: It is very important to have a good relation with them, because a as much negative mention as positive it can have much repercussion for our brand.
  • To meditate, to analyze, to meditate and soon to act: It is very important to analyze each one of the action that we realised for knowing if they are effective or no, and what type of repercussion has had, at whichever people it has been arrived…
  • Community manager does not speak through its own voice, speaks by the brand: It is very important at the time of updating accounts, and creating a bond of connection with our clients who we consider not to use our own voice, but the tone, it forms to communicate, and same style that uses our brand (if the brand has informal style, we will use that same style to communicate to us, nevertheless, if it is a more serious brand, to use that same communicative style and thus in all the cases). We must be creative, and provide interesting contents to the consumer.
  • Amuse to you with the information that you transmit: If the content that you publish, interests to you, to neither attracts you nor you likes, this is going away to see reflected and therefore you will attract the less people, who in the case of being a subject which you consider interesting.
  • You never get tired to learn of the brand: When you work of community manager you need to be as a sponge, and to be constantly learning things of the brand that you manage and to be a “expert? in your concrete subject.
  • It understands the operation of the “social average?: If you are of that the utility of the social networks for a company considers, dedicate you to another thing.
  • It humanizes the brand: The fundamental function of the Community manager, aside from creating community, is the one “to humanize the brands?.
  • It avoids the Spam: As community manager the information that proportions to your followers tries that it is always of quality.
  • Creativity, creativity, creativity: Always there are two ways to present the information: The boring form, and the funny and dynamic form, tries to always use this last one.
  • It tries to be proactive and self-taught: It is very important that you never stop learning new things on the sector of your brand. It learns so much of the errors, as of the successes that have been committed.
  • Before difficult situations diplomatic: it tries to be respectful, and that your actions keep a certain agreement.
  • Ponte to the day of the new tools: daily new technologies take place that facilitate the work to the CMs, learn, and investigate of each of them.

And you, You are good community manager?

community manager

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