social networks provide to the brand relevance in google. Therefore to the question, do the social networks really help to position in Google? The answer is full, IF.

As we already commented in the article Community manager or SEO? Although until this moment they were different figures, more and more begin to be fused in one, carrying out complementary tasks to each other. One of the present tactics of most successful is the integration of the social networks to obtain good SEO.

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That contributes the social networks to the SEO?

At the moment the network that better it positions in google is “Google+?, where the users can recommend information, companies, services, also it allows the user to be abreast of the news or sectors that interest to him.

Arrived at this point, we must to comment, that the value of the recommendations (+1) goes based on the activity that carries out that person, in relation to the activity which you carry out, securing better scores the more compatible they are the sectors, and whichever greater influence has the company or person that it recommends to you (+1).

If you are looking for by where beginning with your company, a good option is to put to him expensive creating an account of google+ and later one of google you please connecting both with your webpage.

One of the best recommendations than you can take is the one to integrate the social networks to your own webpage.

What you are going to obtain with each? With Facebook, Google will contribute better positioning to you, and with Twitter, directories RSS and the Guest Blogging you will obtain the viralidad of your contents.

But… We can unite the actions of SEO with those of the Community manager?

Certainly the answer to this question is: IF.

Despite for both things we recommended to you:

  • You never forget that the content is most important.
  • Community creates surroundings to your brand. On the other hand, this same action is going to harness that the own users share your content (publicity free).
  • It chooses very well your key words, will help to that much people find you.
  • It tries to create conversation with influential people of your activity.
  • Active in sites where it is spoken of your sector.
  • It raises long term action as special drawings, or campaigns for Christmas…
  • Power the visibility of your activity of social responsibility, this has a great support on the part of the society, and power the image of your company.

What contribute backlinks to the SEO?

Often we do not give as much importance him backlinks as we would have, despite we would have to grant as much importance to him as to the activity of facebook, pinterest, to twitter…

What really mean “backlinks?? They mean that your page is excellent, and the information has weight between activity. Therefore whatever backlinks you have more, major weight, positioning and relevance you will have.

How I can optimize my page in a few steps?

In order to optimize your page you must consider that the information that proportions is going to be one of your majors tricks.

Despite aside from that, you can improve:

  • The code of your page must be cleanest possible, this is going to cause that it positions better.
  • It uses labels to differentiate each thing (titles “<h>? “<h1>?…)
  • It uses hosting of guarantees.
  • It chooses keywords that contributes more, according to the content.
  • The USA descriptions and titles that are conformed more to grosso of the content.
  • The antiquity of the domain also is important.

If you want to find out much more I recommend this post to you: Advice to improve the SEO of your blog or Web.

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