Community Manager or SEO? This question many companies become that look for it more presence in Internet, but what difference has between these two profiles? In my opinion they complement one to another one, although with some shades.

In my opinion as much the SEO as the Community Manager looks for the same: “the success of a company or professional in Internet?, but As they are the tasks of both? In its way towards securing that a brand and its products more are recognized both profiles they will be in many occasions.

What SEO does not use the social networks nowadays to secure to major diffusion of its contents and thus to obtain his longed for backlinks, but it is not truth that so that those contents again are shared, must be written up well and must contribute value, knowledge and quality, if you are Comunity Manager this certainly also sounds to you…

comunity manager

Besides the social networks, a Community Manager this in the obligation to create a blog to be able to share its experiences and knowledge on the thematic one that interest to him to the company that him contract and power to establish relations with other blogeros and professionals of the sector, finally to obtain that their commentaries, doubts and answers of quality improve the reputation online of the company, medium term objective of any Comunity Manager.

It is truth that a Community Manager does not have to eat the head with the anchor text, or search of key words, although the optimization of its blog will have to take it to end to arrive at more hearing, but… what will happen when the semantic search arrives from Google? (Which this more and more near being a reality after his I complete algorithm “Hummingbird?)

Become will the Community Manager the new expert SEO? …

Positioning SEOLike the Community Manager, the SEO must put the batteries in writing of contents, use of social networks and relation with other companies and professionals if they want that their campaigns are effective, the words or terms nail every time are losing more weight, although nowadays they are an important factor, and everything concentrates in the quality content that contributes to value and answers to doubts of the users.

My conclusion to this reflection is that the Community Manager and the SEO is two very next figures that future not very distant will become in the same figure, I know that there is one who does not think in the same way, but this article is still a personal reflection of by where I believe perhaps that the shots go “? mistakes to me but the following thing is certain:

Some strength of both profile:

Community Manager:

  • Segmentation, writing
  • Relations
  • Content of value
  • Social networks
  • Study of its community
  • Reputation online
  • Action that they urge the participation and by all means to be to last at the present time and the blogs…


  • Study of key words and competition
  • Article writing with anchor text and techniques of linkbuilding of quality
  • Optimization Web
  • Usability
  • Social networks
  • Tendencies
  • Blogs and analytical Web.

This fast review of some of the tasks of both profile makes me think that shortly these two figures will have to complement one to the other of way obligatory or to be fused in the same figure.

How you see the future of the SEO and Community Managers? They will be fused the same figure?

There I leave it, I hope that if you read this article we can interchange reflections.
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