Nowadays the social networks have become a springboard to impel our projects Web, but there are differences among them who affect to as positioning to us in Internet, to obtain but reputation or to spread our contents between more professional sectors.

At this point everybody knows Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin, but a very powerful tool is Google+, not only we can create specific circles to arrive at a concrete objective public, but also that to the being a Google product, affects to the positioning results Web SEO of our webpages, blogs, ecommerce… At social level (friendly or relations) and reputation online the platform to use without a doubt is Facebook, without forgetting to us Twitter or Linkedin.

google extra

A clear advance of Google+ is the communities, in addition to being a great source of intelligence, you can create specific circles so that your publications arrive at the people or companies that are interested in the thematic one of your contents and you have majors so probabilities that these again are shared, obtaining longed for reputation and diffusion the online one, but you will only obtain this writing up contained that Google interprets as only and innovating in your sector.

So there is to develop your creativity, to share good knowledge and you practice.

In our opinion all the companies or professionals would have to have their page of Google+ and to update it if it is possible every day, participating in communities, creating added value, sharing following experiences and by all means obtaining for greater reach in their actions online.

Really, it is necessary to use Google+ ALREADY!

What our experience can assure is that concerning diffusion of contents we have noticed greater difference to favor using Google+. You do not forget Google Local, already integrated in the platform, and that lately is undergoing some changes, for example, the reviews score now with stars from 1 to 5 while before the score was of 0/30.

We recommended to you that you begin, if not it these, to become familiar with the Social network of Google if you in the future want next not to have left back.


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