As we counted in our post previous where we spoke to you of best plugins of positioning for SEO in wordpress, today we would like to teach to you some plugin that they will help you to optimize your Web, and of this form you will be able to position better your Web in Google. To tell you that you do not have to use all simultaneously serious an ERROR! it chooses those that but interest to you and improves the yield of your Web.

It discovers that plugins is going to help to you to optimize your Wordpress?


Plugins to optimize images

The images are a key point in the positioning Web. They are of the things that weigh more of a page, and Google wants fast pages. And in addition Google does not understand them since it reads and keeps only text. For that reason you must have well-taken care of with his size, weight and description.

Smush it

This plugin is going to allow to as much reduce the gross weight to you of your images at the time of load as in the rest of the time. Of this form we are going to be able to improve the speed of load of the Web.

SEO friendly image

At the time of optimizing the images, the description and the alternative text, he is something fundamental, You have many images in your Web? This plugin them stuffed of automatic form with the title of your article.

Simple Image Sizes

One of the great problems that we can observe when putting images in wordpress is that these are going away to see scalings. With this plugin we will be able to select the size of photo that interests to us and this form that the image loaded directly in the exact size.

Regenerate Thumbnails to you

This plugin complements to plugin “simple image sizes� lets change the sizes of the miniature images, and lets put the images in new sizes. Of this form you can adapt the sizes of all the images of your gallery.


What plugins help you to optimize your site?

They exist different plugins that they help you to have the best structure in your website, of this form you will avoid that it has contained duplicate, and will have major “weight� to the eyes of Google.

Plugins that better helps to your WordPress “to be understood� by Google is:

Yoast SEO

plugin very popular to be able to optimize the metadata of all the URLs of your WordPress of very simple way, giving you to information on the key words that these using in title and descriptions, in addition you will be able to form sitemap.xml and other useful functionalities.


With this plugin (Accelerated Mobile Pages) you will be able to form a version AMP in your WordPress, very well seen version on the part of Google.

Google XML sitemaps

One is in charge to create new sitemap of your Web whenever beams modifications or you add new content to your Web. Of this Google form it is going to index your pages quickly and on the other hand also it is going them to review.

All in one schema rich snippets

If you install this plugin in your wordpress is going to help showing the formats to you enriched in Google. To practical effects does this why serve? It is going to serve stops you to stand out more and than your Web it obtains many clicks more.


It allows that you can form the author of Google (and his transformation) in the own results of google. This plugin is especially useful in cases in which your Web has several authors. This plugin every time is taking more weight, since it follows the trajectory that has that author, and based on the quality of its information it gives to major weight or no. him.

SEO Facebook comment

He allows to show in the entrances of your blog the commentaries that have been realised on that URL on Facebook. Why he serves this? To practical effects this is going to serve to have more commentaries in your Web.

Google XML sitemap for video

It creates a file of positioning by each one of the videos that you form. What allows this us? In the case of having installed this plugin your Web will position with two URL: The one of the article, and the URL of the video.

WP touch

Especially useful if your group of WordPress is not compatible with movable platforms, of this form we will be able to have a copy of the content so that it is seen well in movable devices.

SEO Rank to reporter

This plugin is in charge to monitor how you position concretely in each one of the key words that you are positioning. How work exactly this does plugin? Your you will put the results of searches that you want that they are analyzed, as result every 3 days your data are updated, and you will see the progress that has taken place.

Tynt insight wordpress

This plugin is going to do that whenever somebody copies some content of your Web appears the connection to the original article.


Plugins to verify the yield of the resources

Plugins of revision of resources you go to serve to see different things useful in SEO, what plugins estan causing that my website slows down, as have an optimal yield… Of what plugins we are speaking?

P3 (Plugin Profiler Performance)

Especially interesting when you are proving plugins in your wordpress and you want to see whichever memory consumes, and if they slow down or not your Web or that resources consumes.

Memory to viewer

It is used with the same function that the TPC! Memory usage. On the other hand, also plugin allows to close real each in time to see how much it consumes exactly.

Theme to checker

It examines the code that has your group, looking for errors, old fashioned code and incompatibilities.

W3c Validator autocheck

It allows without too much effort to update codes HTML, css and php of your webpage with the purpose of to update and to improve your pages.


Plugins to improve the speed of my WordPress

Google has special preference to show the fast pages first, that is why it is essential that we take care of the speed of our webpage.

BJ lazy you praise

what is going to do this plugin is that the contents are loaded exactly when the user sees them. What is going to produce this to practical effects? It improves the times of load.


One of the most used and most recommendable. This plugin is going to assure the stability and the security the servant. To practical effects this is going to mean that “your servant� is going to be all along accessible and without security problems. This is going to have a great utility mainly in cases in which the servant who has himself is not very fast, of this form we will implement the response time.

Google page speed insights

One is in charge to give advice you and also recommendations that are going to lighten your own page, giving you a score from the 0 to the 100 and of this form you can correct the problems that can have.

Lazy widget to loader

It selects widgets installed that is heavier, of this form also we will obtain that they are only loaded when really he is visible by the reader.

Js and Css to optimizer

This plugin is going to allow to you to only join several archives Javascript in one and of this form to optimize your code.

P3 plugin performance

this he is one of plugin fundamental that you need in your webpage, this plugin is going away to order to study the yield of all the plugin that already are installed. What other things allows this plugin you? It is going to allow to see how many resources plugin consumes each and whichever realentiza your own webpage.

Total W3 breaks

One of plugin more used, allows to have a copy of elements of your own Web that stores the explorer of the reader. What we will obtain of this form? When having the copy of the elements, this is going to cause that we do not have to return to load the elements since of this form already we will have them stored, causing that your Web is much more fast. It has some sticks this plugin? The only one beats that it has this plugin is that when you make great changes in your Web you will have to vary the cache, but you will be able to optimize CSS, HTML, Gzip Compression and other elements, but do it with care.

Super WP Breaks

like plugin previous, is plugin of breaks very easy to use and increases the speed of your Web with the storage in Cache, plugin really well very used by the users.

WP Fastest Cache

this plugin this raising in popularity more and more, its storage in breaks is perfect and furthermore you can optimzar HTML, CSS and JS just by a click, in their version of payment (39$) opens the fan much more allowing you to optimize your Web much more.

Optimize database to after deleting revisions

One is in charge to organize and also to erase the revisions that have been taken place of your data bases, on the other hand also optimizes the data bases, and also it is going them to compress in order that they weigh less. If your Web counts on several years of antiquity, this is fundamental.

It always remembers the basic things that cause that your Web well is seen by Google!
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