When you consider to begin a campaign of SEO in your own Web, SEO is a group of plugins that is fundamental if you use WordPress, of these elije a single plugin since they are incompatible to each other and on the other hand they realise the same functions.

You want to optimize your WordPress for SEO?

If these working with WordPress and you want to optimize it facing the SEO plugins that we indicated to you next will come to you very or for this aim, use combining them them with others as plugins of breaks or optimization of images, but you passes with plugins you cannot cause that your Web slows down, only uses the necessary ones.

  1. WordPress SEO by Yoast, in our opinion this he is plugin more complete. What offers to us? Once you have it installed, you will have to your disposition an administration panel where you will be able to add by “goal title� and “it as much puts description� for each article as for each page. It is therefore a form simple to optimize your articles. Is This everything what it offers to us? No! Also it offers the possibility to us of optimizing the structure of our own site, in addition this plugin will come to you very either to only index the content of quality of your Web, with a single click you will be able to put in “index� or “nonindex�, the contents with less than 350 words do not position muyu or, so the same podenrlo in nonIndex comes to you or and that your “general note� of the Web does not lower by those pages that have little content. Nor to tell you that you will be able to create Sitemap.xml or to implant the Rel-canonical easily.
  2. All in one SEO pack, along with the “Wordpress SEO by Yoast� is one of the most used. The functions that it has are going to be very similar to the previous case, In what difference? It is not going to have so many functions to publish articles and the pages, although I am great plugin personally likes more Yoast-SEO you can control better what you want to index and what no.
  3. SEO completes to you, this he is plugin that every time is acquiring more and more weight, What is what plugin does this? Aside from which they do the previous ones is going to have a function to detect errors 404, are as well going to allow to us to form different redirections and different enriched labels.

TAKEN CARE OF! Many groups of WordPress already have installed functions SEO, Does Your group have some function of installed SEO? Our the three recommendation is that you deactivate them if you are going to install one of plugins.

Plugins of wordpress so that your connections of SEO are more efficient

As far as the connections that exist in a Web, there are two differences, the internal liaisons and the external liaisons. If beams these correctly, your Web will not lose visits.

  1. SEO smart links, When already you have installed this plugin, is going away to order to create internal liaisons in your own website. I can show my own preferences? Indeed! You can select the key words that you want to use. This logically it you can also make of form manual despite of this form is much more fast.
  2. Broken link to checker, the fundamental function of this plugin is going to be the one to review all post and pages, and to make a warning whenever it finds one that does not work. On the other hand, also it is going to have the function to warn to you in cases of error in images, or images that they do not load.
  3. Simple URLs, Its main function is going to be that it will allow to create customized connections in your Web towards other pages, on the other hand, this is going to also allow clicks to you that take place in those links.
  4. 404 Redirect, Compiles the errors 404 that take place in your servant. Of this form we will be able to redirigir those visits to other sites, of this form we will not lose that visit. Does Your Web have more of a year? Then this pluging is essential!

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