Nowadays the demand to create a webpage in WordPress is increasing, but for which this CMS has become so popular?

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a system of management of contents (CMS) very intuitive and easy to use, if in addition you have knowledge in design Web, model-making CSS, PHP and HTML you have much cattle, but you do not have them and you throw desire to him and interest, you will be able to arrive “to create� very interesting webpages.


A great specialized community

The community is very extensive, you will be able to consult in multitude of forums and blogs any type of doubt, nor to say has exist thousands of THEMES to install in your WordPress, are them totally gratuitous, but by a very small amount you can use subjects premium that they will allow the more functionality or optimization options you, from you will be able here to begin to give form to your website.

Multitude of plugins

Thousands of plugins to your disposition, if you do not know as to install plugin it visits our article “As to install plugins in WordPress� you we counted it everything he is very easy! with them you will be able to secure to a good optimization Web, to evaluate commentaries, to create forms, sliders, to improve the speed of load (it uses Total W3 Breaks plugin), social integration of Google Analytics, networks, optimization oriented to the SEO, Newsletters, reserves, Calendars, sitemap. xml,… and an endless ones of functionalities that will come to you from pearls at the time of creating and optimizing your Web.

plugins wordpress

If it is certain that the security in WordPress you must pamper it, looks for plugins to protect your webpage, plugin that is very well for avoiding scares is Better WP Security, uses it.

Integration with social networks is very simple, you can place the connections to your profiles or fanpages easily and to distribute button sellers so that the users who visit your Web can quickly share their contents in their very good and interesting favorite social networks… will help plugins you as Shareaholic although are many but.

Very intuitive CMS and easy to use

A great advantage of WordPress is the publication facility, you can program publications so that the day of the week is published automatically that interests to you more, even can very easily publish post from your email, will be able to categorise and to label the contents quickly. To include videos of Youtube, Vimeo or other platforms is really easy, sticking the code <eframe> that to you the platforms offer,

The configuration of WordPress is really easy allowing to integrate RSS, to secure subscriptions you or to show articles related according to the categorisation that you have chosen…

  • Great community of support
  • Thousands of plugins
  • CMS Intuitive
  • It improves the optimization Web
  • Publication facility
  • Integration with social networks

It facilitates the optimization for SEO

WordPress and the positioning SEO, in this section nor to say she has Google likes much this CMS, the functionalities previously mentioned are action that all webpage would have to implement and that Google gives it by fact which you will have considered.

SEO has plugins oriented to that you must use, one of them is “SEO by Yoast� which Google Analytics will give you facilities to integrate, sitemaps, to improve metadata and URLs structures of your (taxonomies), to index or not contained, if you have a page with little content indexes since it will lower your global note to it of contents, with Yoast you will not be able to do it with a simple click.

On the other hand, the optimization and hierarchial structuring of your URL are very simple and fast, to make your URLs friendly vein to the section ADJUSTMENTS/PERMANENT CONNECTIONS and select Name of entrance easy truth?

SEO wordpress

Neither it is happened to you to install a subject and to begin to write and or is ERROR! ponle a little desire, changes some CSS, colors, button sellers, installs plugins, gives facilities of reading to your readers, uses calls to the action, not… IT IS YOUR WEB! TAKE CARE OF IT PLEASE!

In addition, according to the subjects that you use you will be able to implement “Shortcodes� for “painting� in your Web elements that improve the usability as drop-down, galleries of images, forms, questions and answers, testimonial…

Really, if they ask to me if WordPress is a good option for the creation and optimization Web, I will say that yes, but you must it to you currar friend just a little bit.

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