The digital world and Internet are the future present and of the companies, and are therefore also the used means more with a great difference. At the moment presence in Internet is not had if nonaccounts with twitter, facebook fanpages, Google +, Linkedin, landing pages or your own blog… The present consumer is eager for information, and now he is the own consumer who actively looks for the information that interests to him and it contributes value to him.  There are many people and companies that create their own webpages, but then, they do not know how to cause that this Web prevails.

The presence in Internet is fundamental, cannot be in Internet of any way, the presence online must of being agreed to the identity and to the type of language that uses the own brand. If we investigated by Internet, we will see very many webpages that are not chords to the needs that have the own clients.

How to create a success webpage?

At the time of trying to have a success webpage, there are different aspects that we will have to consider, and that will help us to consolidate our public.

Which are the keys fundamental to obtain that our Web prevails?

The first key to consider: The usability!

The design of your webpage must be attractive, creative, original and aside also it must contribute to a value differential to your own company. It is by this same one that when a new webpage is created, is due to think about the usability, doing for it a great exercise of internal reflection. In our own Web we must have the really necessary elements and that they contribute information added and necessary for our consumer, we cannot overload the Web with unnecessary information and elements. And on the other hand, we will have to consider “eyetracking� that is to say, the movement that our own eye realises when we are seeing a webpage, normally from top to bottom, and of left to right, to guide the user towards the contents that interests to you more that they visit is very important You don't create?

The second more excellent key to consider: Blogging.

This, it is going to be a fundamental pillar that it will mark the great difference in the Web. Through content of the Web we will be able to catch leads. It is for that reason that to create a blog, is something very important at the time of showing your public your potential, I interest and excellent information. Of this form, aside from creating more attractive and useful contents, you will secure that the Web has a greater visibility through the optimization of contents, alternative key words, texts, metaetiquetas… To think about strategies of oriented creation of content to your niche of market will help the pick up of new clients, a fundamental aspect in positioning Web (or what is the same… SEO) to obtain leads of quality.

The third key to consider: The social networks, or social average.

Arrived at this point, it is an aspect that always is evolving. Constantly they appear new specific social networks of each sector. And it is that the use of social networks is one of the most suitable instruments facing promoting better our own webpage. And it is that own networks social always can to adapt to your own activity, and if you are a company that maintains some active social networks, is important that years the bellboys of social average in your Web. What you are going to obtain if you put the bellboys of your social networks in your own webpage? Of this form, you will be able fidelizar to your users and you will be able to arrive at them from a much more easy form.

The fourth key that you must consider: It positions in SEO and ten a friendly Web with the web search engines.

Most of the Internet users, directly look for the things that need or the things that interest to them. Despite the monopoly as far as the used finder more he has “Google�, although many as for example Yahoo exist more, msn… At present until a 93% of the searches they are realised through Google, is by which to choose the key words in each content, to have urls friendly, put descriptions, titles that contain the synonymous key words and, optimization of the speed of unique and excellent load and by all means contained… He will help your webpage much and he will cause that you obtain a greater traffic, since Google will classify to you better in its index.

The villa nails that never you must forget: Up-to-date Mantén your webpage.

When a company or individual creates a webpage, one of the first steps that we will have to do is to try to consolidate to us in Internet. One of the forms that we must take to end is the one to maintain to the day our own webpage. Being indispensable condition to grow.

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How to obtain that my Web prevails?
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